029 Hal Higdon: More than 8 decades of wisdom in running, writing, and so much more.

Our guest takes us to Boston with amazing perspective in his newest book “4:09:43.” This is just his newest project. Learn how one of the true legends in the running world got started running and writing and how he has been able to be successful in both endeavors. Hal takes us through his life decade by decade and shares some great stories, including the one regarding his 1964 Boston Marathon where he finished as the first American. I learned so much and you will too. You are going to feel like you were able to sit down and talk with Hal just as I did on this latest and greatest episode of Athlete On Fire.



In this show hear:

  • About his childhood in the south side of Chicago
  • His early hopes to be a comic strip artist
  • How he got into marathon
  • All about “4:09:43”
  • Why he decided to write about the Boston Marathon bombings
  • Why the Boston Marathon is so important
  • Why he has been able to run for 80+ years
  • His amazing Boston Marathon in 1964
  • He goes through every decade of his life, quickly
  • How he obtained the stories for “4:09:43”

“I have to think about how lucky I am…”

Success Habit:

  • Organization- In his running and writing.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Start slow.”

Quiz on Fire:

      Hal has so much experience, we had to find some nuggets from every decade of his life!

Book on Fire:

The Old Man And The Sea
The Horse That Played Center Field



Connect with Hal:

Twitter: @higdonmarathon

“You have to be willing to fail to deserve success.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Emil Zatopek Video– Hal references during the show.
The 27th Mile
4:09:43– His book about the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Fitness On Fire: Hal Higdon

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