027 Jake Nawrocki: Hard work, cheese curds, Zig Zigler, and the firefighter combat challenge!

Our guest comes from humble roots. Hard work, Zig Zigler, cheese curds, and amazing summers on the water in Wisconsin. He competes in Firefighter Combat Challenges and shares his story with tons of energy and tons of insight! Another unique Athlete On Fire lights up the mic in this episode.



In this show hear:

  • What is a firefighter combat competition
  • His take on Wisconsin cheese!
  • How his dad’s interest in Zig Zigler affected his life
  • Hilarious story of a family road trip
  • His Brett Favre moment
  • Why human connection is so important
  • What his training entails
  • Why he loves visualization
  • Why resetting is important for so many people
  • Why Russell Wilson is inspiring him right now

“If you can harness your emotions, you are going to be able to do well!”

Success Habit:

  • Once again, visualization. His take on it.


Quote on Fire:

  • “If you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.”Zigler

Book on Fire:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Good To Great
Think And Grow Rich



Connect with Jake:

Twitter: @opselfreset
Operation Self Reset

“Everyone is one moment from a life changing experience.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Firefighter Combat Challenge- Pretty amazing competition, the official site.

Fitness On Fire: Jake Nawrocki

Jake give a great challenge for the Firefighter Challenge. It’s a burner, get it!

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