025 Evan Brand: On what experts taught him about sleep quality, health, happiness, and weight loss.

Our guest started NotJustPaleo.com to learn from experts, now he is one. Sleep quality, health, happiness, and weight loss are all recurring themes and we cover all of them in detail in this inspiring episode! Blue blockers and fat intake are just the beginning.



In this show hear:

  • He tells us his coconut coffee recipe, yum
  • What is NotJustPaleo
  • How UPS inspired his movement
  • Why hire Dr’s when you can interview them
  • How to sleep better, awesome tips
  • Why no food is neutral
  • What kind of glasses you should wear before bed
  • About conquering every uncomfortable part of life
  • All about the snowball effect
  • Cell towers and dehydration?

“Noone is coming to save you.”

Success Habit:

  • Breaks down health, happiness, sleep quality, and weight loss. Get your note pad out.

Quote on Fire: