022 Ariana Hilborn: Owner of the most glamorous pre race routine in elite running history!

She ran a marathon just under 5 hours and qualified for Boston just a year later. This elite runner talks about her inspiring family, how to visualize for your competitions and all about the perils of running in Arizona.



In this show hear:

  • Poms poms to elite runner, huh?
  • From 5hr marathon to BQ in one year
  • About her inspiring family
  • How she practices new mantra’s on the track
  • How she hurts like everyone else
  • About the “pain train”
  • Her pre race routine is unprecedented
  • A day in the life of Ariana
  • Her favorite track workout
  • A great spinach smoothie recipe

“The pain train is black and fiery red.”

Success Habit:

  • Compounding efforts mean so much. Speaks to the details of every day adding up over the long haul. She also teaches us how to visualize.


Quote on Fire:

  • “You can, you will.”

Quiz on Fire:

      I quiz Ariana all about Arizona running. Snakes, cacti and heat oh my.

Book on Fire:

Running Within



Connect with Ariana:

Twitter: @arianahilborn

“I feel like I can be an inspiration to other people.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Spirit Of The Marathon– Movie she watches the night before every marathon
Jumping Cholla– The feared cactus in AZ she talks about.
Sonoran Distance Project– elite team in AZ she is helping start.


Ariana is an elite runner. This workout can help you get there too!