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March 5, 2014 Comments (7) podcast

020 Travis Brown: Inspired mountain living, the Olympics, and how to think your way to athletic success.

He started as a All American in one sport and ended up as an Olympian in another. Listen to the awesome story of a passionate athlete that breaks down some of the mental barriers we all have in competition and life. If you can’t pull something of value out of this one you weren’t listening!



In this show hear:

  • What his childhood in Durango, CO was like
  • Who in his family got him into endurance
  • How I got an “Amen” on the show
  • His favorite trail in Durango
  • High mountains and hail
  • His version of “fake it til you make it”
  • How to keep your competition in your consciousness
  • Where he won a national championship and All-American status
  • His amazing Olympic story
  • His pre competition routine. Daft Punk?

“The trick is to find the balance…that takes enlightenment and discipline.”

Success Habit:

  • Long term conscioius vigilance: Don’t worry, he explains it.


Quote on Fire:

  • “Act as if.”

Quiz on Fire:

      Travis is a master on the mountain bike but does he know much about unicycling? Find out!

Book on Fire:

Tao Te Ching
Running Within


Connect with Travis:

Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame
Twitter: @tbrowntrip

“I was always paranoid of having superstitions.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

South Rim– His favorite trail in Durango. I made him name just one!
Durango: His hometown website.

Fitness on Fire:Travis Brown

Travis takes the time to give you some tips for this interval training workout!

7 Responses to 020 Travis Brown: Inspired mountain living, the Olympics, and how to think your way to athletic success.

  1. MDL says:

    Great interview. I ran with Travis way back in the 1980’s when he was a high school student and the trails around Durango were not yet known as mountain bike trails. He was already thinking and training like an Olympian back then before he changed sports. Glad he made good.

  2. Daniel Jaber says:

    Great interview, Travis is a stand up guy and an inspiration to many.

  3. Martha says:

    Hi! I just found your podcast and started with this one. I love it…it was perfect to listen to while on my run! I have to say I was super excited when Travis mentioned that Kikkan was his favorite athlete to watch on the Olympics…I’m from Alaska and skied with her in high school. I’m looking forward to more runs so I can listen to more episodes!

    • athleteonfire says:

      Martha, that is so cool. I am planning on reaching out to Kikkan soon. The Olympians are so busy with post media and settling in again. Are you still in AK?

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