019 Ian Sharman: When running far isn’t enough, run fast and high .

Our guest runs in places most can only dream of, at speeds we can’t comprehend. Join us as he takes us on his journey. He shares what inspired him and why having a backup plan in competition is so important. Learn about the series he directs and how you can get out there and participate in these inspiring events and listen to all of the amazing takeaways he gives you, the Athlete On Fire, listening on your run, workout, or drive!



In this show hear:

  • How hypernatremia affected his first big race
  • What tv documentary got him into running
  • His best advice for kids and athletics
  • Shares inspiring story about a blind runner
  • All about Sky Running
  • Why having a b,c,and d plan is important
  • When do you change your goal during an event
  • Why being small has given him an advantage
  • 7:38/mile for 100 miles, what?
  • All about the hardest summer of his life

“There’s always something that makes me think I can do more.”

Success Habit:

  • I always try to pick the hardest option- he explains how this helps him mentally for competition.


Quote on Fire:

  • “Be the best you can be”

Quiz on Fire:

      Since Ian is a world class endurance athlete that runs very long distances we quiz him on short things.

Book on Fire:

The Greatest

Connect with Ian:

Twitter: @sharmanian

“Seeing anyone complete an ultra at any level is inspiring.”

Resources mentioned during the show:

Marathon De Sables– Where it started for Ian
Rocky Raccoon– Where he broke the trail 100 record
Leadville 100– He won in 2013.

Fitness on Fire:Ian Sharman

Ian said the one thing he did that increased his overall speed more than anything was what he challenges you to do. Bomb it!