017 Joe Fejes: Multi-day endurance specialist and general freak of nature.

Our guest runs far. No you don’t get it. He runs very, very far. The American 6 day record holder shares his story of when he started running. He shares how he got hooked and how the challenge of doing something so taxing keeps him coming back. This is a show most of us won’t be able to relate to but all of us can draw from!



In this show hear:

  • Learn what his time was for his first marathon at 16
  • His time at the same race 32 years later
  • He shares some secrets of running in the heat
  • About the 6 day pedestrian events in the late 1800’s
  • How Yiannis Kouros inspired him
  • What’s going on in his head running so far. 500+ miles
  • How to stay positive when things are not going well
  • Plain white tee shirt?
  • He teaches us how to visualize
  • Advice for other 48 year olds

“There’s very little I wouldn’t eat. You name it and I’ll eat it.”

Success Habit:

  • Visualization- He pictures himself running his next goal race. Unique take on a habit most athletes use for success. He actually teaches us how to in this segment.

Quote on Fire:

  • “Well we’ve got trash cans here too” Gonna have to listen to have any idea for this one!

Quiz on Fire:

    We quiz Joe on backwards running, ridiculous and slightly interesting.

    Book on Fire: