011 Johnny Quinn: NFL receiver, Olympian bobsledder, famous door smasher.

In this episode our guest takes us from his early days playing football in Texas all the way up to the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills and the CFL. He goes on to share probably the quickest introduction to any sport when he started his bobsled career and he gives us some great insight on how the NFL has prepared him for where he is today!


In this show learn about:

  • His early football days in Texas and record breaking collegiate career
  • How Jerry Rice influenced him
  • How his NFL and CFL experience prepared him for high level competition
  • His unique story about his first ever bobsled run
  • His take on maximizing every opportunity
  • Learn about his company and how he leads other athletes
  • What Olympic Training Center strength record he broke this year
  • What his workouts are like
  • Johnny breaks down NFL receivers

“ It’s tough to see some of your teammates and friends not get their name called.”

Success Habit:

  • Preparation- “I can’t relate to your question on what it’s like to not be prepared because it’s never happened in my athletic career.” That says it all. He also talks about doing the “small things”

Viessmann FIBT World Cup Bob & Skeleton - Day 2

Quote on Fire:

  • “Do not let daily routine be confused with commitment”

“Yes, everyone is working hard but are you recovering hard?”

Books on Fire:

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