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004:Trish Downing:The first female paraplegic to complete an Ironman Triathlon

In this episode learn how one fateful training ride changed the life of our guest forever. One day, a healthy competitive cyclist and the next a paraplegic, Trish Downing shares her amazing story and how she has gone on to do some truly amazing things!

trish downing

In this show learn about:

  • The accident that changed Trish’s life
  • How table tennis and the 96 Olympics inspired her
  • Which “power words” she uses during competition
  • Learn about her 2010 Ironman experience
  • How she is so much more mentally tough now
  • How she had to relearn EVERYTHING during her rehab
  • What advice she gives other disabled athletes
  • Probably the best advice ever for 15 year olds

Quiz on Fire:

  • Triathlon, three stooges, why not

Success Habit:

  • Visualization and meditation- Another athlete who uses these tools for competing

Quote on Fire:

  • “Believe you can.”

Book on Fire:

Connect with Trish:

Twitter: @redefiningable
Facebook: @redefiningable

Athlete on Fire resources inspired by Trish Downing’s interview:

Ironman– Official site of Ironman Triathlon. Trish was the first paraplegic to complete the event.
Camp Discovery– Her inspiring camp.
Craig Hospital– The amazing hospital she rehabbed after her injury.

Fitness on Fire

Trish takes a different direction and has a challenge/workout for you all to try out, ideally while you listen to his show. And don’t worry, we have a less intimidating version so anyone can get out there and get moving!